Press Refresh and Take People With You

Earlier this year, I returned from maternity leave and though plenty has changed in my personal life, our company has shifted and grown, too. We have amazing new additions to our leadership and we’re seeing exponential growth in the digital tail to our company. This left me frustrated challenged regarding my 2018 customer experience initiatives. Truthfully, it was overwhelming to return to.  

I decided the way I approached our 2017 strategy and initiatives was no longer appropriate. In order to be successful, I needed to rally the right people with the right influence so we could make raving fans out of our customers. Together.

take people with you.jpg

I was encouraged by our CEO to read (and by read, I mean listen on Audible…what working mom has time to read??) a book called Taking People with You, to learn how to build out a company-wide initiative and earn the right to lead people.

Here are just a few
thought-provoking tidbits:

Getting inside the head of those you need is the first step.


You know what happens when you assume? It makes an…well you know the rest. Ask your co-workers what they think and feel and why. Make sure this permeates your strategy.

What’s my single biggest thing?
Who do I need to take with me? What are they thinking?


We can’t do everything, so keep the main thing the main thing and understand the hearts and minds of the people you need to help us accomplish it.

Is it easy? It is big? Is it compelling? How can we improve it? Easier to make powerful ideas practical
than pedestrian ideas powerful.


I’m a practical person…to a fault. But is the single biggest thing I’m trying to accomplish big enough? Make sure it is. Then gather the right people to make it practical. And easy.

Nothing should motivate you more than
what your customers are telling you!

what customers are saying.jpg

A personal favorite. Another place never to make assumptions. As your customers point blank what they need and want. It will make the case for your team sets.

Make sure it is a concept of the future
that drives what you do in the present.


Business’ most revenue-killing phrase: “This is how we’ve always done it.” Always be in Beta.

If you build the capability of your people 1st, you will build customer satisfaction, which will make you more money.


Employee experience a customer experience. Luckily I get to focus on both in my role, but keep in mind, you customers will feel any “cluster” you feel internally. Build community so you can welcome partners in.

The heart of it all is to not just listen to people but hear them.

Whether it’s your co-workers, your c-suite, or your customers, you’ll only accomplish great things if you take time to get outside yourself and incorporate their thoughts and feelings into your strategy.