Take Time for Thank You

I have three sons in elementary school. And, although limited, they are starting to develop social lives.

My wife and I have found these social events to be an awesome opportunity to instill habits and capture teaching moments -- one particular needs to be embraced by everyone seeking success in the corporate world: THANK YOU NOTES.

So here is the goal in our house: If someone does something nice for you or shows you hospitality, the very next day you have to send them a handwritten note to express gratitude.

Not an email, text, or call, but a handwritten note.


It’s a big deal when they are invited to attend an Atlanta Hawks’ game or spend the night with a friend -- the same way that it's a big deal when you renew an account, take someone's time in a meeting or see your client's succeed.


Why Should Thank You Notes Matter to Your Business?

1. Relationships matter.  

2. Gratitude only impacts others if it's expressed.  

3. Going the extra mile is an investment in your future.  



What would it mean if your relationships felt valued?

How can you make a habit of writing thank you notes?

When is the last time you chose to take the time to say "thank you"?


Apply this practice to your life, your business, your ministry, or your organization.