Target Marketing: How Can Your Brand Be Massively Personal with Your Audience

With an estimated one million new Gmail users every week, 1.49 billion active Facebook users, 304 million active Twitter users and a GAZILLION TRILLION users on the next hot app, there are countless options just begging for marketers’ attention to reach the masses!


So, what’s the right message to appeal to as many people as possible?


Strangely, it’s the message that doesn’t appeal to as many people as possible. Huh?



Don’t Appeal to The Masses - Massively Appeal to Who Matters Most


You can point to the rise of shop local movements, the Share a Coke campaign and brands that pay Instagram users to wear and promote their products all as clear evidence to how important relationships are in business. People want to do business with people.


Consumers long to bond when choosing a product. Are you making it easy for them?


The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon found success by creating material targeted for smaller niche audiences to love rather than larger audiences to like. Is your brand attempting to please the masses and ignoring opportunities to grow passionate loyalty?



4 Tips to Making Your Brand More Personal to Your Target Audience



1. Tell Your Customers Stories

People identify with stories and love sharing in other’s stories. Share the accounts of real customers and how your brand uniquely served your heroic client.

Shift the focus from showing off your product to authentically telling how your customer is the hero.



2. Invest Where Your Audience is Invested


Where does your target audience live, work and play?

People love supporting charitable organizations, but imagine the potential response when your brand supports to your target audience and invests in the  things that matter most to them. Consider these two options to serve and connect your brand to your target audience:


  • The High School Ticket Program allows brands to live in communities by branding high school event admission tickets. There isn’t a more local, personal feel than the bright, Friday night lights in the high school football stands. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t miss this marketing strategy.


  • The Huddle Folder Program exposes brands to moms every day on branded take-home folders. Do moms care about anything more than the success of their children?


This daily exposure in targeted homes directly pairs your brand with the personal routines of families.


3. It’s About Context


Most people don’t know what they want until it is in context.

Show how you can relate to a specific problem and sympathize with the struggles.  After painting the environment that they are familiar with, then introduce your product – don’t show your product until they can share in the narrative.


4. Let’s Face It


What does your team look like? What do your customers look like? How can you visually relate to your audience across all communication channels?

You need to show people and their smiling faces.

EXCEPTION: Do not use more faces if they are bad stock photography.

Customers want to work with people, right? That is the thesis of this post: personalizing your brand. Don’t promote a fake looking situation in an attempt to create authentic connection.


Personally, I Believe In Your Brand


As appealing as mass marketing and big data  are in the  digital age, your brand must find ways to couple these far-reaching tactics with personalization to succeed.

Heeding the four tips above will help your brand connect on a more personal level, but it takes ongoing maintenance – just like your personal relationships.


“If people like you they will listen to you, if they trust you they will do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar