The Best Marketing Teams Are Motivated Enough to Stop Before They Start


Your Team Needs to Quit

How would you evaluate your marketing team's performance? Is your team stressed to create new ideas? Be at the forefront of a strategy? React first to new platforms and news? In a rut of good performance?


Quit what is redundant.

Quit what no one would notice if it went away.

Quit the good enough.

Quit the fear of missing out on the hot marketing trend.

Quit the fight for perfect content.


Why? Because as your team adds tasks, strategies and other laundry lists of "marketing gold," something has to end. There are only 1440 minutes in a day. You can change how you invest your time, not how much you have.

Owning the realities of your ability will accelerate you and your team's growth.

Before you start something new, Accept that something must stop.


Start. Stop. Continue.

Our marketing team recently worked through an exercise that helped. Your team may start doing it once a year or even once a quarter. You'll find a good schedule.

How Does It Work?

List everything that comes to mind you want to Start doing, Stop doing and Continue doing.

Look at your list and evaluate what can you give up, what is valuable to begin and where is your time best spent.



If you don't quit doing the good, you'll never achieve the great.