The “HuddleFarm” Survival Guide - For Interns By Interns

Thinking about applying to become a part of the HuddleFarm?
Ohhh... We love our Huddle Farm program and developing top talent.

Hannah Was An Amazing Farm Member!

Hannah joined the Huddle family through the Farm in the Spring of 2016. She could be famous for her kindness, was hungry to grow, and one of the brilliant minds at Georgia Tech.

Here is Hannah's definitive list of what to expect. If anyone knows about the farm system, she does.

It's real.
It's honest.
It's unedited advice from one HuddleFarm member to all future HuddleFarm members.

(p.s. if you want to connect to Hannah and add her talents to your team click here -- she is outstanding!)


1.     You won’t be making Starbucks runs…

... you will assist the your co-workers in consuming at least a gallon of coffee creamer a week as you gain valuable real-world experiences.



2.   You won’t be doing busy work…

... you will break off into spontaneous sing-alongs (an in-depth knowledge of Disney Channel songs goes a long way).


3.   You won’t be navigating office politics or gossip…

... you will become a part of the Huddle family (including hugs from our marketing guru, John Vaughn, an intern bookclub with our CEO, Joey Thacker, and delicious Munchie Mondays with the sales team).


4.   You won’t be packing boxes…

... actually you will. But so does the rest of the Huddle family! Everyone gets his or her hands dirty, especially with the help of a rave-worthy Spotify playlist.


5.  You won’t be sitting in your cubicle all day…

... you will compete in various challenges during intern competitions including (but not limited to) geography quizzes, trivia, NERF gun target practice, and dance competitions.


6.  You won’t be afraid of your boss

… you will wish that you had his amazing foreign accent skills.


7.  You won’t dress in an uncomfortable suit every day…


... you will be expected to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Tropical Tuesday.


8.  You won’t eat lunch alone at your desk…

... you will be expected to bring your best ping pong game to work off your sandwich.



9.  You won’t look forward to the weekend like the release of the next Game of Thrones book…


 ... you will walk in Monday mornings to a family meeting where everyone at Huddle shares their updates, both personal and business-related

WARNING: bring tissues in case of engagement or baby announcements.



10.  You won’t be sad when it’s the end of your internship…

...Ha! Jokes. You will cry. A lot. Like the first time you watched Titanic.


However, at the end of the Huddle day it is not about the what; it is about the who. It’s about the amazing group of people who come together not just as co-workers but as a family. As I near the end of my own experience in the HuddleFarm, I can safely say that joining this team was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Do you want to grow not only as a professional but as an individual? As a part of the HuddleFarm, you’ve got an entire family that’s waiting to help.