The Newest HuddleFarm Members! Meet Emily & Cheyenne

The Huddle Farm is a semester-long internship program designed to grow college-aged students both personally and professionally.

And this semester we snagged some good ones.






Let me introduce you to the two bright-eyed meerkats -- Emily McNatt who hails from Samford University and Cheyenne Stopford who brings the sunshine of USF.

1. First Off, Why Did You Choose the HuddleFarm?


Emily: I really believe people join people over organziations. I didn't feel like I was only coming to the HuddleFarm, but that I was joining a group of really amazing people.

Huddle stood out to me, because it was clear they had a plan for their interns. There is a program in place with structure and curriculum to help me learn the business hands on. That was the big reason!

Cheyenne: For me it was really easy to see the HuddleFarm was different. I chose Huddle because they made it clear I'm not expected to succeed from the beginning. I'm allowed to fail -- then, I'll be encouraged by a team who wants to help me grow.

Huddle is more interested in me growing than me pretending to be perfect.


2. You've Been Here a Week, Who Would You Punch in the Face? You Have to Answer : )


Emily: Oh my goodness! That's so violent.

But, for sure, Kevin. He's always walking around talking on the phone.

Cheyenne: Mine would be Alex. I would do it just to see his reaction.

He's so nice. Would he retaliate? I would have to know.

Kevin will never see it coming. 

Kevin will never see it coming. 

Oh, hey Alex! Look out for Cheyenne's right hook!

Oh, hey Alex! Look out for Cheyenne's right hook!


3. What Would Make Your Time Here a Success?


Emily: I want to be a part of meaningful work and know that for three months I've been a valuable asset to the company.

Personally, I really hope to strengthen my skills in sales and become comfortable making any type of call.

Cheyenne: I want to grow Huddle as much as I believe they'll grow me.


4. What Is Your Dream Job? (Besides Here)


Emily: I want to be a mom! I'll cut all the sandwhiches into fun shapes!

Just kidding! I really don't know, yet and am hoping my time here helps me learn what am I'm gifted in.

Cheyenne: My dream would be to oversee a game resort in the beautiful South African plains. I would love to be a Marketing Manager running a big game ranch.


5. Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush?

Emily: Oh gosh!

Taylor Lautner from Sharkboy and Lavagirl! It's so embarassing, but look at him! He's so cute.

Cheyenne: Heath Ledger from "10 Things I Hate About You"... or actually from "A Knight's Tale!"


6. What Is Different About The HuddleFarm Compared To Other Internships?


Emily: I've had three internships and immediately this place is a more encouraging environment than anything I've experienced before!

Cheyenne: This is my first internship, and I'm thankful I am not considered "just an intern."

From my interviews and meeting the team to being introduced to the company at staff meetings, I feel extremely welcomed. It won't take long until I really feel like these new co-workers are friends.


7. (Last Question) What Is Something Most People Don't Know About You?


Emily: I was born with an afro!

Ha! I didn't look anything like my parents! It was hilarious. (Until the nurses thought my mom may have stolen a baby that wasn't hers.)


Cheyenne: I really like to pull pranks on people. I've been known to make silly faces until someone laughs during a phone call. I love scaring people.


Come Experience The Huddle!
We Want To Meet You.

On June 14th we are hosting an event for all prospective Fall HuddleFarm members.

Come, network and enjoy a dinner on the people who want to invest in your future. We call it "Experience The Huddle" and it only happens twice a year. We would love to connect.