The Secret to Phenomenal Productivity (Proven in Over 500 Organizations)

First Things First...


The hunt for productivity is at an all-time high. 

It seems our "GO!" culture craves more of everything except for rest. And our answer is to work more. Look at what Gallup’s research revealed about the American workweek:


The Better Way to Phenomenal Productivity Is Found In Being More Open.

The one thing true of phenomenally productive companies is embracing an open culture that shares the responsibility of success among each team member. This mentality empowers employees to have hard conversations.

Phenomenally productive companies allow every team member to challenge their peers, and even superiors, for the good of the company. When you recognize fault, speak up immediately. 


3 Signs Your Company Is Not As Open As You Think



One clear sign that you have a problem is when everyone agrees. The best idea is rarely the first idea, and if no one is voicing their concerns or pointing out flaws and holes in the proposed solution, they may be fearful to push for the best answer.



Where do interns sit in your meetings? Is every voice as important as the CEO’s? Take a second to recognize the unspoken superiority communicated when the “most important” attendees are given a “seat at the table” and “the others” are left as spectators in the distance. Change up the seating order to keep the balance.



An open workplace environment invites everyone attending to speak up with his or her perspective. It may need to be prompted out of quieter employees at first, but a true warning sign that your culture isn’t open is when someone attending a meeting doesn’t open his or her mouth.


How Would You Respond?

Following research conducted on 500 phenomenally productive organizations, being open to tough conversation emerged as a clear trend, but it can exist subtly. 

See if you can see the true differentiator between good and great and phenomenally productive organizations in the responses below.


  • Organization Response One

Someone at an organization notices a problem so they choose to move the person causing the problem in a role better suited for their strengths. The organization will provide valuable guidance and direction to transition the individual to a new position where, hopefully, they will be more successful. This is a good organizational response.


  • Organization Response Two

Someone at an organization notices a problem so they make an effort to correct that problem by following the organizational structure - often reporting to a superior to ultimately follow-up with the employee with some corrective guidance. This is a great organizational response.


  • Organization Response Three

Someone at an organization notices a problem, and rather than going to their supervisor they directly challenge the person causing the problem to correct it. With good intentions to provide help to the individual at fault a conversation about solutions begins and peers identify an answer outside of the organizational heirarchy. This is the response of a phenomenally productive organization.


Phenomenally productive companies empower individuals to be open when they recognize weaknesses in the company or even in their superiors.


Be More Open. Be More Productive.

One of the most powerful things you can do to make progress is ask the following question: What are the conversations you have been avoiding?

One study reported 60% of companies are currently in the process of re-evaluating their performance. What if your company evaluated how well you're having beneficial conversations?

Phenomenal productivity is just a few more conversations away.

Fight to be more open with your team, your clients and your leadership.