This Week's Favorite Links From The Amazing Internet

The Huddle team is full of a bunch of amazing humans that love the internet.

While clicking and surfing around on the line, we've stumbled on many generally awesome and inspiring links. Here are some of the links we loved because they help our team grow, make us laugh or start a great argument or conversation at lunch.

Enjoy our team's favorite links we've stumbled on this week:


1. Orchestrating The Most-Unforgettable First Bite 

If you've ever wanted a DJ to follow you around for a day, chances are McDonald's viral ad campaign will get you excited.


2. Plants, Lights, and Revenue Oh My!

Can pretty lead to productive? Here's the most pro-money and pro-succulent article to convince you to see the light. Lianna found this article and is our resident vibes-specialist.



3. Helicopter Art Director

Adobe is really promoting Adobe Stock with the feature on the hovering art director! All creatives will relate - thanks Eddie for the good find. 


4. Moms! Blogs! Moms! Blogs!

What do moms do? Blog. But, which blogs are really killin' it?

Here are the top mommy bloggers making waves. Brands seeking to reach millennial parents should take notice. Do you know this year Huddle employees will have four new babies?! FOUR!


5.  Avoid this when negotiating a raise

Here are 9 words to avoid when negotiating a raise. You can't mess this up.