This Week's Favorite Links From The Internet

The Huddle team is full of a bunch of amazing humans that love the internet -- probably, much like your team.

While clicking and surfing around on the line, we've stumbled on many generally awesome and inspiring links. Here are some of the links we love from the week because they helped our team grow, made us laugh or started a great marketing debate at lunch.

Enjoy our team's favorite links we've stumbled on this week:

1. Burger King Hijacks Homes, And They strike back

Burger King ran a slightly brilliant and slightly invasive ad to hijack all Google devices. The end of the campaign prompts products to ask a question and read the Whooper wikipedia page. 

What Burger King forgot is those pages are very editable and could have some consequences.


2. A special cheers to the Atlanta Braves' Debut

Will is a Braves season ticket holder and will most definitely be enjoying Terrapin's beer that involves the wood chips of actual baseball bats.



3. @BOTUS Predicts the stock market based on trump's tweetS

Alan keeps refreshing Planet Money's stock market experiment - BOTUS. The bot is trained to buy and sell stocks based on the companies and opinions of Donald Trump's tweets.

@Botus on Twitter


4. Peeps Easter Ad

Eddie is our resident snacker. It's more of a question of which tooth in his mouth isn't a sweet tooth. This Peeps ad spoofing Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween prank.



5. 3 Step Email Technique By Jeff Goins

Our marketing team loves top marketing leaders like Jeff Goins. Lianna actually met him.

We thought Jeff's strategy on pumping out high-quality blogs was right on target.