Time Manage-Myth - Debunking Excuses With 10 Tips To Maximize Your Days

The concept of time management is a myth. Time can’t be managed, controlled, or manipulated. Time marches on without fail.

Successful and unsuccessful people have the same amount of time in each day. But, why are the results vastly different? Good question. Here are my tips to help you maximize your production.


10 Time-Maximizing Tips:

(I've placed asterisks on the two that I believe are most impactful.) 


1. Schedule a maximum of four significant tasks to accomplish each day.

Anything more is unrealistic. 



*** 2. Time block everything. ***

This one takes some discipline and practice.

Based on your most significant tasks, carve out time in your schedule to actually get the work done. If not, other “stuff” will always get in the way.



3. Occasionally, use an off-site office. 

This is especially helpful when your work requires complete focus with no interruptions.



4. Delegate whenever possible. 

This practice can give others great experience and allow you to take care of your most important assignments.



5. Don’t multitask.

Your brain can only focus on one item at a time, and toggling back and forth between two or more tasks is incredibly inefficient.



6. Focus on the important, not the immediate. 

Many tasks will compete for your attention, but it’s a mistake to let the next phone call or e-mail get in the way of your priority items.



*** 7. Be okay with e-mail clutter. ***

Your inbox will fill up while you’re working on valuable priorities and that’s okay.



8. Tackle your most important work when you’re at your best. 

For me, that’s before lunch, but pick the time that works best for you.



9. Get up and move often. 

If it's possible it's preferable to be outside to keep your mind active. (Want to get crazy? Stand up while working or participate in a walking meeting!)



10. Plan tomorrow, today. 

Before you leave the office, determine your daily priorities. Otherwise, you’ll lose valuable time each morning attempting to determine your daily priorities.    


Be A Day-Maximizer

While we don’t have the ability to manage time, we can maximize our use of it.

Make time work for you.  This is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people -- highly successful people have learned how to maximize their hours. Join them by starting with two time-maximizing practices on this list.


Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.
— Anton Chekhov