Save 31 Hours a Month at Work With These Tips to More Effective Meetings

Do me a favor. Check your calendar and let me know how many meetings you have scheduled this week. I just checked and I have 15, a number that is sure to grow as the week progresses.


Here are some compelling (and sad) meeting stats:


62 - The number of monthly meetings attended by the average of employees.


31 - The number of meeting hours considered wasted each month.


91% – The percentage of meeting attendees who admit to daydreaming during meetings.


37 billion – The salary cost of unnecessary meetings for U.S. businesses.




Guys... it doesn’t have to be this way.


Let's Learn to Maximize Our Focus


To maximize progress on your most important projects and make certain there is adequate time in your schedule to work on high leverage / high growth activities, it’s important to understand some basic meeting standards.

These standards won’t come easy, but if you make the effort to implement a couple of these best practices you’ll have more time to focus on adding value to yourself and the company.



Best Meeting Standard Practices


1. Don’t meet unless it is absolutely essential -- If a brief phone call, hallway conversation, or e-mail is sufficient to cover the subject, do it!


2. If you must meet, begin promptly. -- Don’t punish those who are ready to start on time by waiting on those who aren’t.


3. Don’t restart the meeting every time a late arriver enters the room. -- They can catch up on their own sometime later.


4. Don’t provide chairs. -- If everyone has to stand throughout the duration of the meeting people will get to the point much more quickly.


5.  Try walking! -- If the weather is good or you have a favorable indoor space, use the meeting as a terrific way to exercise. 


6. End the meeting promptly. -- If everyone knows there is a firm end time, they will address their most important thoughts and leave the fluff for another time.



For full disclosure, we don’t have the meeting process perfected at Huddle. Our goal is to continue to move toward increased meeting efficiency by implementing some of the practices listed above. We do implement walking meetings and the productivity is amazing!