Top 13 Takeaways from Leadercast Worth Remembering

Leadercast is the largest leadership conference in the world.

Its speakers are world renown. They have a thing or two to say about becoming an amazing leader.


Enjoy our SVP of Marketing's top takeaways:


1. Purpose is always found just across the border from “what’s in it for me?”

  • Purpose has a price.
  • Purpose is a path to meaning.


2. The point of purpose is to determine how you will serve others.

  • Look at everything through the lens of means, not through the lens of an end.
  • Pay attention to what stirs your heart. Purpose is often found between broken heart, opportunity, and skill.
  • Surround yourself with on-purpose people. Our friends determine the quality and direction of our life.

3. Are you willing to be a means and not an end?

  • Meaning and purpose begin when you devote yourself to others.
  •  Bonus: Read "Dare to Serve" by Cheryl Bachelder

Will you be the reason for something instead of the something?


4. You must align your purpose with your actions.

  • Take calculated risks.
  • Be bold.


5. Little moments create big outcomes in our lives.

  • Success can be powered by problems.
  • With a well-defined problem, solutions are clear.


Huddle employees at Leadercast.

Huddle employees at Leadercast.

6. "People follow leaders who clarify the best."

The brain has two purposes:

  • Survive and thrive.
  • Conserve calories.

Communicate how you can help clients survive and thrive.

If you confuse, you lose.


7. There are three ways to create meaning:

  • Create. Create what you wish existed. You don’t have to start a business to create meaning. When you create solutions you find value in your work.
  • Learn. Is there a mile out there you haven’t run yet? Be unwilling to settle for less.
  • Finish. There is great value in finishing. Execute with purpose, not perfection.


8. Employees need to feel like they are making a contribution.

  • Purpose is about making a contribution even in small ways.
  • It doesn’t have to always be about something really big.

Are you making a contribution?


9. Leadership is about lifting others up.

  • “Us” is always better than “me.” 
  • Be intellectually humble. Ask others when you don't know the answer. It's okay. 


10. When making a decision, consider 10:

  • 10 minutes
  • 10 months
  • 10 years

    What will life look like across these timeframes?


11. Be a leader who steps up first.

  •  People will only be great if they have clear expectations.
  • Wise leaders adjust themselves to the truth. Correct a wise person and he will become wiser still. 

12.  Sometimes you can find your purpose on the other side of pain.

  • Don't let dreams die just because something bad happens.
  • If you want something, work hard to get it. 


13.  Celebrate small victories in life.

  • Never despise small beginnings. 
  • Leadership is a gift


now, Go and Lead.