Top Online Ad Trend Predictions for 2018

Can you believe it?

2017 marked the first time more money was spent on advertising online than on television! Digital advertising continues to adapt to the ever-changing way we communicate online.

Let's take a look at the online trends that emerged last year, and the ones we feel will become increasingly more popular in 2018!

Voice Search

voice search.jpg

In 2018, voice search will continue to grow due to the huge rise in voice-based searches thanks to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Voice search offers marketers a clear idea of user intent because natural language can be used to make more descriptive searches.

Search engines and marketers will need to adapt quickly to take advantage of the possible integration of voice search into pay per click advertising. This will affect how marketers think about keywords and ad copy.


Did you know? 50% of searches are expected to be made by voice by the year 2020.

Our Tip: Start making sure your website and ads are voice-search friendly. Write your copy with natural language in mind and adjust keyword lists to account for users speaking to us in real world context. 


Audience Targeting

audience targeting.jpg

Audience targeting is going to continue to get better. Google has been improving the options they offer advertisers for audience targeting. It’s now easier to target potential customers based on characteristics like their search behavior and demographic details. Ads will continue to become increasingly more targeted based on device, location, demographic information and interests.

Did you know? Nearly one third of all mobile searches are related to location.

Our Tip: Make the focus of your online advertising campaign on keyword, location, device, and audience targeting.


Pay Per Click


Have you noticed Google’s improvements to AdWords? They have removed side bar ads, leaving room for more characters in your ad, and pay per click ads now take up much more room on search engine result pages.

Did you know? Google is predicted to introduce more ad extensions which will increase the potential for your ad to be seen.

Our Tip: If your brand is not yet using online advertising methods like PPC, start today. You’re at risk of being left behind and never to be found on a search results page.


Image and Video

Image and video based ads are more popular than ever. Images are quickly becoming an important part of ads and show significant boost in click through rates. It is proven user engagement increases when visuals are used in content.

Video advertising is currently more affordable than paid search (which is increasing year after year) and we believe will continue to rise in popularity. Video is popular because of the nature of its fast-mobile connection, and the format is easy for consumers to digest.

Did you know? A study found that users who can see and hear ads experience higher brand awareness than those who only see, or only hear, ads.

Our tip: Examine the potential of video ads for your brand so you can take advantage of its increased user engagement and cost saving benefits.

What is your brand currently doing to actively
engage in the online ad world?


If you aren’t doing anything, it’s time to
wake up and get in the game!

Make 2018 the year of increased visibility for your brand.