Twitterpated. Three Ways NOT To React To Change

It’s spring.

Go back to the first time you saw Bambi. Bambi, Flower, Thumper, you know the crew. Picture the scene where spring has come and the animals are all a flutter with newness and change and growth - they’re Twitterpated.  

There’s some underlying humor there, of course, but the heart of the scene is the same – Change is here and it’s exciting.

Whether professional or personal, spring comes, and not always on a calendar year. It brings changes of all kinds and we get the opportunity to own our reaction to those changes.

As I borrow from businessmen much wiser than me (Remarkable!), I give you three reactions to change that will stifle you personally and professionally, and how to fight them.



Simply put, victims are averse to change because they see everything as a personal attack against them. They suck the life out of everyone around them. If you find yourself here, take heart, it’s not even about you! Welcome change as an opportunity to serve others, not your personal agenda, or you’ll miss out on growth.


My naysayers out there think you’re just playing devil’s advocate, but you’re truly squashing optimism. Try this – if you find a problem with a situation brought on by new changes, don’t voice it unless you’re prepared to follow up with a potential solution. This will ensure you’re a problem solver, not a Negative Nancy.


We get it. You know what to do. But things are changing, so maybe the solution may have, too? If you find yourself as the person battling having to have the right answer or the best solution, take a breather this spring. For you, and for everyone else. You’ll be much more valuable if you step back and embrace all viewpoints to work with others in your sphere to decide the next best step.


Any of this starting to sound familiar? Take this assessment for a quick gut check and attack this spring with the best version of you!

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