Want to Grow Professionally? Embrace, Celebrate, and Make a Habit to Do This One Thing.

Fact: Your brain is pre-wired with instincts that react to fear, and the brain continues to learn new fears through cultural and life experiences.

For many of us, we have learned to accept fear and have become terrified of failure to a point of paralysis – and for that, we are missing a great opportunity.

If you aren’t experiencing failure, then you are making a far worse mistake: You are being driven by the desire to avoid it.
— Ed Catmull



If we want to grow as a professional, it's time to not only embrace failure but also celebrate it! It's time to rewire our brains intuition. How? Practice.


Your Mission, Should You Accept It


Attempt something that may not succeed.


Welcome failure and celebrate it.


Learn from it.




And, prepare to fail again (soon if you're lucky).


Become A Professional Failure

Rejection and failure are the best teachers you can find to better yourself and your company. Difficulty is the result of doing something meaningful.

Want some inspiration? Jai Jiang made a career from rejection. He sought rejection for 100 consecutive days to desensitize himself to the fear and pain of failure (read about his theory of “rejection therapy”). Jai quickly learned how destructive fear can be on your personal philosophy and has shared his 100-day adventure in short entertaining videos.