We Tried LinkedIn's New Lead Gen Forms And Here's What Happened

LinkedIn Lead Gen:

What Is It? And Why Was our team So Excited?


A couple weeks ago, I got an email containing this link asking if I thought the LinkedIn lead gen forms referenced could be useful for our brand.

This new function allowed marketers to instantly collect contact info from quality leads. If you’re not familiar, the new Lead Gen Form eliminates the need for users to fill out a contact form to get content. Instead, LinkedIn automatically populates the user’s information into a form which the user can instantly submit. Easy. Sounds awesome?


As marketers, you can see why this excited our team.

We’ve had a lot of success generating leads through LinkedIn before, so this sounded great. Now we could get to know our audience better by not only seeing their names, but also knowing their industry or even job title. If this worked, it could be huge! (slight foreshadowing)


Here's Our Not So Great Experience:


Many of our clients are interested in sponsorships, particularly sponsoring high school event tickets. So, we recently put together a free downloadable “sponsorship bundle.” The bundle includes a detailed ebook, sponsorship ROI calculator, and sponsorship worksheet.


The unexpected hiccups: 

We initially had a lot of trouble figuring out how to attach our downloadable content to the Lead Gen Form.

Were we just supposed to post an update like normal, and then sponsor it?

Was there a special part that would allow us to insert our bundle later?

We were confused about the difference. So, in a moment of desperation we went to the LinkedIn help center. 


"Oh. The chat  is offline. It's 2pm on a Tuesday. Huh. That's weird."

We then searched the topics and couldn't find a solution, we did the next best thing and messaged LinkedIn asking for help. TWICE. 


It's ten days later and we have yet to receive a response.


Today, I went back to the page pictured above. Apparently they realized that having a "chat with us" function that is never turned on is a bad look, so they took it away completely. 

But What About The Results? Did We Generate More Leads?


Through much trial and error, we figured out there is no special place to insert your call to action. We just assumed the form would pop up as soon as someone clicked our link. 

As we suspected, the audience was very interested in our sponsorship bundle. We had many clicks very soon after posting. YAY!

Although we were getting clicks and our audience was interested, it seemed they were wary of submitting the pre-filled form... : (


The campaign was costly and as much as it pains me to post this, please take note of the cost per lead. 


A Not So Good Conclusion:

As you can tell, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms were very disappointing for us.

We had high hopes based on previous successes, but the form submissions simply did not come in. 

What about your experience? Have you tried this new feature? Has LinkedIn's help center ghosted you too? We'd love to hear about your experience. Tweet us here and tell us your Lead Gen horror story or wild success!