What is Outperforming Digital?

Print isn’t dead.

There, I said it. In fact, print is actually thriving and outperforming its much younger and sexier counterpart in many key areas.

And you know what? It’s not even close.


According to research released by Vistaprint Corporate, and as shared here by the good people at MarketingProfs, print’s role in today’s digitally-focused environment is still incredibly important.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these 9 ways print still outperforms digital.


1.     A whopping 92% of 18-23-year-olds find it easier to read printed content than digital.
2.     The response rate to direct-mail marketing was 37% higher than for email, a recent report found.
3.     Consumers trust print ads 34% more than search engine ads for making purchasing decisions.
4.     Print outperforms digital in review time.
5.     Print outperforms digital in emotional reaction.
6.     Print outperforms digital in memory retention.
7.     Print outperforms digital in perceived value.
8.     Physical print ads are easier for our brains to process than digital.
9.     Effective print ads are more persuasive than digital, and they have a higher response rate too.

Now don’t get me wrong. Digital still has an important place in today’s marketing mix. And at Huddle, we are leveraging both print and digital to grow our business.

Our signature print product, Huddle Tickets, continues to generate significant return on investment for our valued corporate partners. These partners place a logo on the front of the high school event tickets and a traffic-driving coupon or community message on the back of the tickets.

And it’s hard to argue with these impressive results clients are generating through Huddle Tickets:




·  A sports retailer drove $3mm in sales.

·  A QSR earned a 10.6% redemption rate.

·  A casual dining partner drove $5mm in sales.


But we aren’t ignoring digital. Just the opposite.

We’ve developed a digital extension to
complement Huddle Tickets.

GoFan(DHT) and Huddle Tickets_HuddleTicketsAndGoFan_black.png

The digital ticketing product is called GoFan. It allows high schools to sell event tickets digitally. So now, Huddle provides its valued high school partners with a paper (Huddle Tickets) and digital (GoFan) ticketing solution.


If you’re at a high school and you want to learn more about the complete ticketing solution Huddle has available for you, learn more here.

And if you’re a brand and you want to increase your customer count and sales by reaching local communities throughout your geographic footprint, be sure to check us out here.



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