When No One Notices, Is It Still Worth It?

Do you make your job all about you?

Or do you spend the 8 hours of your work day looking for ways to champion your clients?

I’m guilty of the first one.

It's really easy to spend your whole day trying to check off your to-do list and getting frustrated with clients who delay timelines and make your life “more difficult.”

Maybe we should flip that whole situation on its head.

Service with a smile doesn’t start with an external facade.

It starts with an internal motivation. You can’t serve with a genuine smile or genuine desire to see your client succeed if your motivation is to get ahead, work your way to the top, and simply check out at the end of the day after putting in 8 hours of work.

An attitude of service starts with the idea that your work matters.

Every interaction you have with a client is an opportunity – an opportunity to make their day and put your business in the forefront of their mind because you just blew them away with your gracious response.

When you go above and beyond in your client interactions, your client wins, and as a result, your company wins

If your client asks for a deadline extension because they just can’t meet that date, do you complain to your coworker and gripe about how inconsiderate they are because they’re putting your whole timeline off track? Or do you realize that they are busy too? Maybe they have something that was just put on their plate by a stressed out boss and it’s making them work overtime.

What would happen if you responded graciously with “No worries! Yes, we can extend your deadline. Does this date work better for you?”

Let's serve our clients with an attitude of gratitude.

Be grateful that your clients trust you with their business and their time. When you champion your clients, go above and beyond, and respond graciously, you just might get a “job well done” from your boss or even a promotion.

But what if no one but you knows that you treated that customer well -- will it still be worth the extra time?

If you can answer that question with a resounding yes...

You, my friend, have mastered the art of serving your client and not yourself.