You Do You - How to Celebrate Who You Are as a Company

Our company mission is to Serve Our Neighbors, but it’s a part of a grander design to do something that outlives us, something that transforms people, not just business.

Each year we come together to celebrate another year of living out this mission. Our CEO says to work harder on yourself than the business and the rest will take care of itself. Huddlefest is just that opportunity.

Interested in a Huddlefest for your company?
Here’s a recap of everything that went into making our 6th year celebration so great.


1. (Be Open. Be Growing.) Stack the deck. Get outside yourself.


We have six core values at Huddle and we hire and fire on them. Character is everything. True to human nature, we can be desensitized to the same message from the same leadership about the same values.

This year we brought in respected business professionals, professional athletes and external colleagues to participate in mini discussion groups about how they apply a specific Huddle value in their world.

Our employees got the chance to get outside themselves and grow as professionals as they learned from others. We’re aware we don’t have all the answers. We brought in people who know more to help us set “refresh” on the commitment to our values.


2. (Be Generous. Be Likable.) Be true to you and welcome others into the fold.


Each Huddlefest we have one night to invite friends, family and business colleagues around the city to join us for good food and drinks. This is always a great time of fellowship and laughter - two things we’re really big on here. This year we decided to make use of our wonderful southern weather and take this party outside, tailgate stlye: BBQ, inflatables, cornhole, tiki torches, you name it. We had a blast in t-shirts and jeans.

This is who we are – casual, youthful, a little odd and a lot of fun. It was such a blast to welcome guests into the fold to enjoy for just a few hours what we get to enjoy daily.


3. (Be Humble. Be Faithful.)


After a night of festivities, day two of Huddlefest looks slightly different. Each year employees are randomly matched with another employee for 12 months to set personal and professional goals and help each other attain them. We spent Friday morning recapping what we’ve accomplished, where we failed, and the impact our life experiences had on us over the last year.

I won’t lie, there are tears. But there are also laughs, applause and tears of joy. Know another company that gets this deep with its employees? Me neither. This is the good stuff, folks.

An event like Huddlefest takes months of planning, but it’s imperative to sustaining the corporate culture and employee experience. If you aren’t in a place to do something of this scale now, I challenge you to “do you” and figure out what you can implement. It will encourage the minds and hearts of your employees. It will change the trajectory of your company.