More Targeted. More Customers. More Sales.


The Opportunity


Your brand can create community relationships that drive revenue through targeting high schools.

What does success look like? Well...

  • A sports retailer drove $3 million.
  • A QSR earned a 10.6% redemption.
  • A casual dining partner drove $5 million.

You can't ignore the fact that Huddle Tickets reaches communities and drives sales.

Let's Make It Real Simple.

1. You Send In Artwork

2. We Print Your Tickets

3. Your Sales Increase


Huddle Tickets Makes Sense

Schools love Huddle Tickets. Why? It saves them money and offers their fans a great value -- YOU.

Your brand will be featured on both physical and digital Huddle Tickets and provide fans with a coupon / community message. These event admission tickets give your brand:

  • Year-long exposure
  • Turnkey activation
  • Positive PR
  • More sales
  • Digital engagement


The best marketing reaches communities. Huddle gives CITGO a local voice, making a significant impact for us.
— Joseph Minotti, CITGO Petroleum

I Want Local Communities Loyal to My Brand.


...or continue to lose local sales.

Are you an agency presenting this program to a client?

Huddle Tickets artwork can be delivered upon request.