It's All In The Experience

Experience The Huddle is designed to ignite confidence in your next steps as a young, talented professional.



What Can I Expect? 

A free, behind-the-scenes look into the Huddle Farm program
and an opportunity to propel your career.

Who Is Invited? 

Undergraduate and graduate students

Why Should I Care?

We are hiring! 

We have paid internships for motivated professionals.
Come enjoy a free dinner and discover how the Huddle Farm
will add value to your career.



All reservations will receive a book as a gift from the CEO.

Everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to ignite their careers. Our team will invest quality time to grow select men and women by principles that are proven to create a strong future.
— Joey Thacker, CEO of Huddle Inc.

Think About Your Dream Job

Huddle can deliver. 
We look forward to meeting you and showing you how the Huddle Farm will move you towards a rewarding career.

With free food and a fun evening, what do you have to lose?