Account Manager Position Overview

Assistant VP of Project Management

Assistant Project Managers on key projects

Primarily responsible for the development, implementation and administration of integrated marketing projects.

4+ years experience as an account executive, account planner or project manager in an advertising agency with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Advertising/Communications or similar program.

Commensurate with experience and abilities.

Reports to:

Positions Directly Supervised:

Basic Function:


Experience Required:



Base Salary:

1. Development Responsibilities:

a.     Develop project management plan for each integrated marketing project

b.     Participate in regular client facing conference calls with clients and attends meetings with sales staff for key clients

c.     Work with the sales staff on understanding a client’s marketing objectives

d.     Develop timelines for implementation of assigned projects

e.     Assist in the development of digital strategy for clients


2. Implementation Responsibilities:


a.     Communicate with the Director of Affiliate Sales and the affiliate sales team

b.     Coordinate ordering premium items for the projects with in-house sourcing  company

c.     Implement and communicate the project timelines to each department and ensure each team is positioned to meet goals and deadlines

d.     Assist in planning and participate in the packing and shipping of integrated marketing projects

e.     Plan and work with the inside sales team, outside sales team, and clients to produce proof of performance materials

f.      Assist in the implementation of programs that require digital assets

g.     Improve customer satisfaction by working with the Assistant VP of Project Management to create and implement an evaluation system for all projects

h.     Maintain and improve the bottom line for program projects


3. Administration Responsibilities:


a.     Supervise Assistant Project Managers on key projects

b.     Verify program concepts are valid for the clients and achievable by the company

c.     Maintain professional appearance and up-keep of the fulfillment center to ensure orderly function at all times

d.     Assist the Director of Logistics in the management of postage and freight supplies, for receiving and processing all incoming and outgoing deliveries (FedEx, UPS, etc.), while monitoring cost effectiveness and management of postage and freight budgets

e.     Assist the VP of New Business Development, CSO & COO, as directed, with similar programs


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