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As an Affiliate Sales Executive you will be the linchpin of the company and work to ensure program fulfillment is always a success. As a strong communicator, our team will rely on you to call schools, partners and affiliates across the country and explain brand-sponsored programs. You will represent many national and regional companies as they strive to carry their voices across the country.


Location: Alpharetta, GA (Atlanta)

Type: Full-time role on affiliate sales team.

Reports to: Director of Affiliate Sales (a.k.a. Ms. Thanksgiving)

Positions Directly Supervised: None

Function: Responsible for initiating telephone and email communications to schools and other affiliates

Desired Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in related field
  • 1-2 years of experience calling is preferred

Base Salary: Compensation will range in accordance with experience and abilities



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picks up others & stays dialed in 

We want someone who can attack the day, sing the greatest hits and leave memorable voicemails that convert.


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Team Culture

If you want to go further go together. Our team of "meerkats" are committed to excellence and personal/professional growth.


works hard
plays hard

Can you work with others to meet a collective goal? Good. Now, let's exceed the goal and over deliver! 


committed to
core values

Huddle is built on six "Be" values that drive our actions. These will not be compromised and are the foundation of our identity.


The Perfect Hire Will...

seamlessly integrate their personality into our team as they:
1. ensure program accuracy  2. mentor Huddle Farm interns and 3. maintain happy customers and teammates. 

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I’ve been a part of Huddle for 11 years, and I’m more excited about the future now than ever. If you join our team, you’ll forever be a part of our family.
— Alex Gue, President

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