Question 1 - Which mom generation has the most spending power? 


Gen-X moms have an enormous spending power. The next largest demographic of eco-mom-ic power are millennials who aren't far behind.


Question 2 - Millennial Moms are notorious for choosing brands that give back. Which of these is known to be a give-back brand? 


The One-to-One campaign has led TOMS to become wildly popular with moms.


Question 3 - What percentage of Moms are likely to switch brands as a result of cause marketing? 


If your brand doesn't have a charitable partner already, find one.


Question 4 - What form of media is a Gen X mom most likely to use? 

ANSWER: All of the above. 

You can win with marketing to Gen X moms because they pay attention to Facebook ads and catalogues. 


Question 5 - What percentage of moms view social media as a valid source of information? 

ANSWER: 63%.

Are Facebook ads worth it? Depends on if you want moms' attention or not. 


Question 6 - The buying power of millennial moms is... 

ANSWER: $170 billion. 

Is that a big enough number to grab your attention? 


Question 7 - What is momsourcing? 

ANSWER: When moms create online forums and use their social profiles to educate one another, share tips, product reviews, and personal experiences. 

Now that you know what it is, how can you become valuable to them? 


Question 8 - When asked, the majority of moms said they would rather get info from a celebrity mom rather than a peer mom. 

ANSWER: False.

See ya, Kim Kardashian. 


Question 9 - What percentage of millennial moms work outside the home? 

ANSWER: 71%.

It's not your same traditional family model from 20 or even 10 years ago. 


Question 10 - What percentage of purchases do moms make online? 

ANSWER: 90%.

Convenience wins moms' loyalty. 


Question 11 - The majority of moms are more likely to engage a brand if they earn rewards points. 

ANSWER: True. 

Thanks for the 10 cents off fuel, Kroger!