To benefit elementary schools and families, Huddle pioneered a solution that provides homework folders to schools completely free.



Meeting Needs: It's What We Do

Huddle has partnered with over 10,000 schools across the nation through various programs to reduce financial burdens on schools, administrations and families.

Through partnering with brands such as State Farm, Taco Bell, and Dick's Sporting Goods, schools are able to focus their dollars where it matters most: the students.

How will enrolling your school into Huddle Folders create budget flexibility and encourage families?

Every Student Deserves to Succeed

Huddle Folders create budget flexibility within schools to allow the greatest amount of available resources to directly serve students.

We believe every child deserves the best chance to achieve their dreams and a free tool as simple as a folder can not only help the learning process but also relieve schools / families' budgets.

Huddle partners with corporate brands to carry the financial burden and provide high-quality, durable folders to every student enrolled in partnering schools.

We were so happy to receive complimentary folders for our students. With all the expenses on parents and schools, anything we get for free is a BIG deal.
— Debbie Manning, Lake Joy Primary School