Relationships Matter.
And The Right Ones Matter Most.



stop wasting your
time & Money


It's challenging to gain new customers and significantly increase sales in today's noisy advertising world .


Huddle is built to help you reach a targeted audience, at scale, with little to no noise. It's what we do.




... so, how do brands partner with Huddle?

More Targeted. More Customers. More Sales. 


Start reaching local communities by providing branded event admission tickets to high schools all year long. 

Imagine your  logo and coupon / community message in every fans' hands on a local, regional, or even national scale.



National potential = Massive

Effective. Targeted. Unequalled. Huddle Tickets delivers what it promises.
— Kendell Poole, Tennessee Department of Transportation

See How One Client Drove $1.9MM

...or continue to accept the difficulties of driving significant revenue locally.

Serve Schools. Serve Families. Win Them Both.


Make It Better enables health-conscious brands to invest into families' lives by providing schools with free medical supplies and opening doors for enormous impact. 

Families will be thankful for your brand educating them through communication cards and serving their children's needs.


Reach the nation's Families At scale

Holzer Health System has become more relevant to moms and families through Make It Better.
— Heather Clifford-Skaggs, Holzer Health System

Learn How This Program Propelled The Children's Health Brand

... the decision to be a great community partner resulted in even more than imagined.

When Moms' Love Grows, Your Brand Grows.


What if thousands of moms received your message nearly every day?

Your brand will be featured on the front of and inside Huddle Folders and on a strategic insert that is sent home.



A Glimpse INto tHe national reach

Saint Anthony Hospital uses Huddle Folders to reach parents. It’s great to connect with our audience around something they’re so passionate about... their children!
— Elizabeth Pederson, Saint Anthony Hospital


Go Inside The Mind of Real Moms

...or miss out on the most significant economic force's loyalty.

Marketing Made Simple:
You Make Money As Students Earn Reward Cards.

Your brand = a job well done.

 Teachers reward good behavior with your brand's reward cards. These cards will be in the hands of students and parents all year round.

When they think success, they'll think YOU.  



The national reach

The best marketing reaches communities. Huddle gives CITGO a local voice, making a significant impact for us.
— Joseph Minotti, CITGO Petroleum


Ignite Strong, Local Relationships.

...If you're at all interested in reaching millennial moms & dads, Super Student deserves your attention.

Huddle Game Nights is a turnkey initiative to deeply connect your brand to a local audience.


Game day promotion banners, sponsor-branded social media posts, targeted posters, and schedule cards. All about YOU + community.

Simple can still be effective. 



Enormous national reach

We created this program so brands can connect directly to local communities. And it’s easy to implement!
— John Vaughn, SVP Marketing Huddle Inc.


I Want Local Communities Loyal To My Brand.

...or continue to settle for traditional methods that lack true engagement.

The best marketing reaches communities. Huddle gives CITGO a local voice, making a significant impact for us.
— Joseph Minotti, CITGO Petroleum