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Huddle Tickets

Proven Success

  • Provided over 1.3 billion free tickets to high school partners since 2001 
  • Saved schools over $30 million through the ticket program
  • Serviced schools in all 50 states
  • Partnered with over 10,000 schools


Customer Benefits

  • Customized text options on top and bottom of tickets
  • Seven different color choices, which include blue, green, red, purple, orange, yellow, and gray.
  • Audit ready sequentially numbered tickets with perforated tab
  • Flexible quantities in rolls of 500 or 1,000 tickets
  • Online and barcode capabilities through Ticketracker, providing schools a turnkey solution for online and scanning that pairs up with Huddle’s classic ticketing solution 
  • Unlimited ticket quantities tailored to your needs



To benefit high schools and the local high school districts through attracting national and regional sponsorship without pursuing local marketing dollars. Local money stays local.

Huddle Tickets FAQ’s
  • What should we do if we run out of tickets during the school year?

    A: If you run out, call us! We will provide you with as many tickets as you need. As always, these tickets are FREE, but any additional orders will be filled with generic tickets (no school name).

  • What’s the catch? How can Huddle and the sponsors afford to do this program?

    A: The answer is simple. Corporate brands want to support high school athletics and to be invested in this valuable market. Our program delivers access to not only the nation's high schools, but also local communities, which creates a huge opportunity for national brands. There is no catch. All tickets distributed have a sponsor logo on the front and a message on the back. Huddle handles all the details of the program, including printing and distribution of tickets.

  • How can I sign my school up for the FREE ticket program?

    A: Easy. Each year Huddle contacts the nation's high schools individually to offer our free service. If you are unaware of the free ticket program or have questions, the Huddle affiliate territory managers are available to help sign up your high school. A representative of the high school, typically the athletic director or ticket manager, should give us a call or send an email to learn more.

  • When do the tickets arrive at our school and what will they look like?

    A: The tickets will be delivered around the first week in August. Tickets will have either the school name (example: Madison High School) or the school name and mascot on the top of each ticket (example: Madison Wildcats). They will be delivered in rolls of 1,000, and will have a six digit numbering system on them (i.e. first ticket starts at 000001). Huddle will supply schools with seven different colors of tickets. Schools also have the option to order tickets with an ADULT/STUDENT designation (3 colors Adult, 3 colors Student, 1 color ADMIT ONE to be used for adults and students alike).


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