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9 Ways To Reach High School Weight Rooms

Countdown Clock

1. Countdown to
kickoff clocks

Capitalize on the robust excitement of the upcoming season or game.

Content Marketing

2. Content

Your brand will be the hero as you educate coaches, athletes, and parents by providing communication cards on relevant health topics.


3. Informational

Serve as a credible data source by providing valuable insights displayed on weight room walls.

Goal Cards

4. Goal Cards

Motivate driven athletes by encouraging them to track and attain their goals.


5. digital

Imagine your brand owning a "national leaderboard" with athletes across the country ranked for best squat or bench press.

Social Media

6. Social Media

Allow athletes to post and share their best lifts for a chance to win prizes.


7. Sampling

What if you could easily place your product in the hands of high school strength coaches and athletes? You can!

Product Discounts

8. Product discounts

Offer bulk discounts on products or services focused on this targeted audience.


9. Sponsorships

Demonstrate further relevance by connecting with the National High School Strength Coaches Association.


Be Tenacious In Connecting Your Brand With THE Weight Room Influencer.

Health-related information can be confusing and scary for student-athletes and parents.

This is why the high school strength and conditioning coach is the go-to, authoritative resource for this information. 

Parents can’t trust all of the misleading information about supplements they find on the internet, but they do trust me.
— Kaelin Farrington, Strength Coach, Forsyth Central High School
Kaelin Farrington

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