Here are six subject line formulas I’ve used with great success to get emails opened. These formulas come from How to Write Copy that Sells by Ray Edwards. 

But beware.
If you use these formulas, your emails will get opened at alarmingly high rates!


1. The How To Model

       A. How to (achieve benefit).

       B. How to (achieve benefit) even if (common barrier).

       C. How to (achieve benefit) in less than (time period).


2. The Surprising Link

        A. What I learned about (topic) from (surprising person).

        B. (Surprising person’s) guide to (topic).


3. The List Model

       A. (Number) ways to (do something useful).

       B. (Number) surprising facts about (topic).

       C. The top (number) reasons you’re (something bad).


4. The Secrets Model

       A. (Number) secret ways to (do something good).

       B. What your (person in authority) doesn’t want you to know about (something in their                   field).


5. The Questions Model

       a. What would happen if you (big change / achievement)?

       b. Has (problem) ever happened to you?

       c. Do you know the top reason why (something good / bad happens)?


6. The Unusual Sentence Model

       a. (Surprising quote) e.g., You’re fired, Mr. Jones.

       b. (Really unexpected sentence) e.g., Dripping blood, sponges, and something that may be                 holding you back.

Be sure to check your inbox for the second of four bonus emails. The topic will address clarifying your message so customers will listen. You don’t want to miss it.
SVP, Marketing