You Make Money As Students Earn Reward Cards.

1. Teachers Give "Super Student" Reward Cards.

Overcome the impossible and be inside elementary schools by serving teachers.

2. Moms & Dads Celebrate Their Kids' Reward!

In today's busy world, parents will love brands recognizing their children.

3. Families love you & ignore your competition.

This connection will drive traffic & create a strong emotional bond with families.


Schools Love Simple Tools That Promote Good Behavior.
Brands Love Effective Programs That Drive Sales.

Super Student isn't a sexy guerilla marketing campaign, but is a unique way to be inside schools and connect to families.

Rather than celebrating a successful online ad with clicks and impressions, Super Student ignites strong relationships and drives ROI by actually being in targeted families' homes. You work hard evaluating the best marketing options and fighting to reach parents - here's a solution.


Reasons Brands Love Super Student:


Year-Long Exposure

Effortless Activation


Boost Brand Preference


Be Inside Schools
& Homes


Reach millennial
Moms & Dads


Win locally
& Nationally


All While Driving Revenue...


and igniting strong, local relationships.

The best marketing reaches communities. Huddle gives CITGO a local voice, making a significant impact for us.
— Joseph Minotti, CITGO Petroleum

...If you're at all interested in reaching millennial moms & dads, Super Student deserves your attention.